Looking for typical Roman cuisine? Then try this list of restaurants

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These are the restaurants that best respect the Roman culinary tradition. Many things change. But these places have existed for a lifetime. And there will also be a reason. Check it out.

OSTERIA FERRARINO This tavern offers strictly Italian flavors, starting with the classic pasta, then moving on to meatballs, brisket, baked free-range cockerel, but also fish dishes. Closing with cantucci and vin santo, tiramisu and ice cream.

Where 41, Piazza Trilussa
Booking +39 06 58333920
Cost: 40-50 euros

ANTICA PESA Local and seasonal products that enhance the regional tradition and culture. Simone Panella’s kitchen looks at innovation, with vacuum cooking and low temperature, which give lightness to the dishes. The menu includes the classics like cacio e pepe, amatriciana, carbonara. Main courses of meat and fish, such as the white fish fillet on the bridge with Ferentano carrot sauce and green apple tartare with mustard seeds. Desserts also follow the course of the seasons.

Where 18, Via Garibaldi
Booking +39 06-5809236.
Closed: Sunday
Cost: 60-85 euros

ALFREDO ALLA SCROFA In addition to the iconic fettuccine Alfredo – with 24 month old Parmigiano Reggiano and Langhe butter, creamed directly at the table – the historic restaurant focuses on Italian and Roman cuisine, thanks to dishes such as the battered cod fillet and low temperature cooked peppers with peppers and fresh tomato.

Where: 104, Via della Scrofa
Booking +39 06 68806163
Cost: 40-50 euros

LA REGOLA The chef Massimo Baroni and the director Fabrizio Ferraioli give a new course to the restaurant in the heart of the homonymous district. At the tables overlooking the splendid church of San Paolo alla Regola, risotto with “rigaje de pollo”, vitello tonnato and pappa al pomodoro with artisan burratina and basil arrive. The desserts are from the De Bellis pastry shop.

Piazza 40, San Paolo alla Regola
Booking +39 06 66006852
Closed on Wednesdays
Cost: 35-45 euros.

MATRICIANA All the taste of Rome in this historical address, renowned for its bucatini – also called the “5 P plate”, that is pasta with pancetta, tomato, pecorino cheese and chilli – which give the restaurant its name. There are other traditional first courses, and second courses of meat and fish. A delicious tiramisu closes.

Where 44, Via del Viminale
Booking +39 06 4881775
Closed: Saturday
Cost: 35-45 euros

POMPIERE A historic restaurant in an elegant location, where you can taste the dishes of Roman Jewish cuisine. It starts with artichoke alla giudìa, stuffed zucchini flowers and cod fillet, and then goes on to carbonara and lemon noodles. The sweetbreads, the saltimbocca and the vaccinara tail stand out among the latter.

Via di 38, Santa Maria
Booking +39 06 6868377
Closed: Sunday
Cost: 30-40 euros

CHECCO ER CARRETTIERE A family environment in which to enjoy the best of Roman cuisine, from appetizers, fried foods, cod fillet and artichoke alla giudìa. And then bombolotti amatriciana, gricia, carbonara, cacio e pepe, fish dishes and tasty desserts, from tiramisu to sour cherry tart.

Where 10,  Via Benedetta
Booking +39 06-5817018
Always open
Cost: 50-60 euros

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